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    As a result of its success and emerging Ready-Mix Concrete markets in Ghana. We established a subsidiary AASE Betomix Plant Ltd in July,2022 in Ghana, which has a plant production capacity of 100m3 per hour and 6 transit mixers of 10m3; mobile pumps of 42.5 meters reach and a state-of-the-art laboratory equipment. Betomix Plant Located adjacent to Kingdom Books and Stationary Labadi,Beach Road. QUALITY ASSURANCE AND QUALITY CONTROL We take extreme measures to standardize ourselves; we continuously search for the strictest of concrete standards to abide by; such as British Standard in Conformance with MRT Specification. Our Plant is also certified by the Ghana Standards Authority. We keep training our Quality Department’s staff, updating their knowledge and methods. We implement our selected standards and procedures on ALL our production steps, from the reception of raw materials to the technical support we provide to every client for proper pouring methods.We do not regard any source as reliable; therefore, we test every material coming in, and we readily reject any unacceptable load. We do not solely depend on the mix design because of the fluctuations in quality and specifications of Aggregate sources; therefore, we continuously scrutinize any change in aggregates, cement and admixtures; even if our aggregate’s sources maintained their quality, they might not maintain size, proportions, chemical criteria or contribution to workability. That is why we keep our mix designs changing to keep our quality stable. We calibrate our equipment on a Quarterly basis, to make sure our know-how is not jeopardized through production steps. We keep our fleet and equipment in good conditions and we renew them regularly to keep our service reliable, our back-up solid. We listen to, and learn from, EVERY complaint. Here in Ghana, we also have a fully furnished well equipped Laboratory where our Competent Quality Assurance and Quality Control staff ensure that we are giving customers the optimum satisfaction in Quality concrete delivery.